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Are you smarter than a Home Inspector?

Many local home inspectors take one simple online test and go into business inspecting homes. Go ahead and Take the quiz…… you just might be smarter than many area home inspectors. These are some of the actual questions taken from the Online Certification test!

1. Choose the correct spelling:
receptical receptacle recepticle receptacal

2. Which of the following is part of a stair tread?
eyes nose mouth ears

3. A type of wood destroying insect is a:
bumble bee plumber bee carpenter bee heater bee

4. Home inspections are used to determine the actual value of a property.
False True

5. Which one is NOT a type of water well pump?
submersible jet shallow airplane

6. Two types of automatic garage door drives are:
chain and screw ball and chain pulley and rope rack and pin

7. Which One is not a radon testing Method:
Charcoal E-Perm Continuous Monitor Wood

8. A Microwave Leak detector can be used by a home inspector to check
The cooling system the Barometric pressure A Microwave Oven
Electro- magnetic fields

9. A modern safety device on an automatic garage door opener is
A photo eye A slide rule A automatic ear A pulley sensor

10. When testing a gas leak you should not use
An electronic gas leak detector A flame Soapy water Smell

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