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The 8 Questions you should ask to avoid a Bad Home Inspector

These are the questions that will separate the good home inspectors from the bad home inspectors. (Yes, there are other good inspectors besides us.)

1. Ask if the inspector took an On-Line Test to become "certified."

Many inspectors take a simple online test and then go into the home inspection business. If the inspector indicates he or she took any online test, you might as well hang up and move on to the next inspector on your list.
All of BPG Inspectors have taken and passed the National Home Inspector Exam (NHIE). This is a proctored exam, taken at a secure test location. Many Inspectors fail this test.

2. Ask if the Inspector participates in classroom continuing education.

Many inspectors take on-line education to satisfy the minimal state education requirements. Or take no courses at all. There really is no oversight of Continuing education requirements.
All of BPG Inspectors take and participate in Continuing education in classrooms and lecture halls. Often times we travel around the country to keep up with the latest trends and inspection techniques.

3. Ask the inspector how many years they were in the home inspection business.

This is a simple question. You’ll be surprised how many inspectors don’t want to answer that question. Press them on this, any answer less than 3 years you should move on to the next one on the list.
BPG Inspections has been in the home inspection business since 1997. We have performed 1000's of home inspections. We have seen many others come and go.

4. Ask the Inspector if they have Professional Liability Insurance (Also known as E&O)

The law states home inspectors have to carry it. Still many do not. If the inspector does not have this insurance to protect you, Hang up and move on.
BPG Inspections has had Professional Liability (E&O) since we began in business. That was before the states had laws mandating coverage.

5. Ask for a sample of an inspection report so you’ll know what you can expect for your time and money. After all, you are the client!

BPG Inspections provides a detailed report, in color, with digital photographs. You can download a sample report right from our website!)

6. Ask if the inspector can perform all aspects of the inspection.

Does the inspector inspect swimming pools ? Are they licensed by the state to apply pesticides? How about Septic Systems, Water testing, Radon?
(BPG Inspections Service handles all aspects of the home inspection, making your life much easier! One Call does it all.)

7. Ask To See What Other Home Buyers Have Said About The Inspection company:

Quality Professional Home Inspectors ask their client’s to complete comment cards upon completion of the inspection. Professional Inspectors want to know what they are doing right, as well as what might need improvement. If the inspector can’t or won’t provide client referrals, you should move on to the next one on your list!
BPG Inspections clients gladly provide their feedback on our Inspectors and we’ll be glad to share it with you! Just Google BPG Inspections Lehigh Valley or check us out on YELP

8. Ask how long it will take to receive your inspection report:

Some Inspectors take up to a week to prepare the inspection report. These delays cost you money and time.
BPG Inspections delivers a detailed inspection report, in color, with digital photographs. Ask us for a sample report! At the latest, you will have the report the next day following the inspection.

9. Ask the inspector if they guarantee their work.

If you are not satisfied do you get your money back? Many inspectors take your money and run. That’s not fair to you. After all, you never meet the Inspector until after you make an appointment.
If you are not satisfied, BPG Inspections will refund your money.

Bonus Question (this may be the most important)

Ask the Inspector if they RELY on Agent referrals for business. Many home inspectors rely on agent referrals for most of their business.
We accept referrals from real estate agents – but don’t rely on them. As a matter of fact, many unscrupulous agents steer clear of home inspectors like us. 90% of our business comes from word-of-mouth, and Review Websites.
8 Ways to avoid a bad Home Inspector

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